RDA Review 1995 cover

Racial Discrimination Act 1975: A review

FOREWORDThe Commonwealth Attorney-General, the Hon. Michael Lavarch, launched the review of the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) on 7 August 1995. Along with a number of academics, practitioners and experts in the field of anti-discrimination law, Mr...
Cover of 1993 Mornington Report

Mornington : a report by the Federal Race Discrimination Commissioner

In November 1990 the Federal Race Discrimination Commissioner received a petition signed by 163 Aboriginal residents on Mornington Island requesting an investigation of an incident, which is described in section 2.1 below. The Commissioner also...
Cover of the 1991 Racist Violence report

Racist Violence (1991)

The National Inquiry into Racist Violence was initiated by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission following representations to it about an apparent increase in the incidence of racially motivated violence in Australia.
Scanned cover of Strategies in Combating Racism

Strategies in Combating Racism (1988)

In devising strategies to deal with racism a broad number of preliminary questions must be answered. Racism itself must be identified in its various manifestations, a complex task given the changing face of the phenomenon and the shifting form of...