Summary publication


I am pleased to present the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Corporate Plan for 2015-2016.

This Corporate Plan sets out the strategic direction and priorities of the Commission for the next four years. It creates an explicit connection between the public reporting of our corporate goals, our operational environment, key activities for the coming year and annual performance reporting.

As a Commission, we seek to be innovative and agile. We seek to ensure maximum benefit for the Australian community from the actions that we take. Respect for human rights and freedoms is the cornerstone of a cohesive and peaceful society in which everyone can make a contribution and feel safe and included.

To achieve this, we will focus our work over the coming years on the following priority

  • Human rights education and promotion – to build awareness of rights and freedoms in the community
  • Engaging with business on human rights – to encourage innovation in promoting human rights, to provide support to prevent workplace discrimination and to assist in resolving disputes
  • Ensuring freedom from violence, harassment and bullying – by promoting human rights safeguards.

Ultimately, the purpose of this Corporate Plan is to clearly articulate how we promote an
Australian society where human rights are enjoyed by everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Emeritus Professor Gillian Triggs

Australian Human Rights Commission

August 2015